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How much time does Butch spend with the class during a school?

Butch spends all day with the students on day one of each school and all mornings on the second and/or third day of the golf school and has lunch with the students. He does not play the course in the afternoons.

Why is your school more expensive than other golf schools I’ve researched?

We are the number one-rated golf school in the country led by the number one-rated golf instructor in America. All of our staff professionals are accomplished instructors personally trained by Butch himself and apply the same teaching philosophies. We also have a student-teacher ratio of 2:1, meaning that you will receive very personal attention throughout the school.

What level of ability does the average student who attends the school possess?

The average student handicap for a school with Butch ranges from scratch to low double-digits. The average student handicap for a school with the staff professionals is usually a bit higher. Please keep in mind that students of all skill levels are welcome to attend a school but those just beginning may be with much better players. The staff professionals will ensure that we allow all students to progress at their own rate.

Will I really improve my game by attending one of your schools?

We believe that our schools are very informative, educating players about his or her game and enabling students to manage their game and improve in the areas most needed.

I do not need hotel accommodations – is there a discounted price?

Yes, for a three day Butch school there will be reduction of $400 and for a three day staff school a reduction of $300. For a two day Butch school a reduction of $300 and a two day staff school a reduction of $225. However you will have to also provide your own transportation to the school.

Is there a dress code for lessons?

Yes - we require a collared shirt when attending the school or taking lessons. Tennis shoes or golf shoes are required. Also, jeans and cut-off shorts are NOT permitted at any time while at the school.

What does the price of the golf school include?

The price of the school includes hotel accommodations, transportation between the hotel and school each day, lunch, and greens fees. Also, see the school packages section for complete details.

Does Butch play with the students during the on-course playing lessons?

Butch is not scheduled to play with the students in the afternoon – the students play the course with the staff professionals, but he does spend lunch with the students, and at times, breakfast in addition to the school instruction.

Is there a waiting list?

We do not offer a traditional "waiting list" for our schools -- the only way to hear about openings for schools which were previously sold out would be to sign up for our free email newsletter. Our reservation system will email everyone on the list as soon as openings arise and it is the only way to reserve a spot in a school that was once sold out.

Is there a discount for PGA Club Professionals to attend the school?

Yes for all active PGA members in good standing. Please call our office at 702-777-2444 for discount information.

Is there any additional charge to bring a guest with me to stay at the hotel?

No, all room reservations are double occupancy.

Do you still hold a school if there is inclement weather?

Yes, because we offer three indoor hitting bays, we still hold schools in the case of inclement weather. It is quite rare for there to be inclement weather in Las Vegas.

What’s the minimum and maximum number of students in a school?

The minimum number of students for a two day and three day Butch school is four and maximum is ten. The minimum number of students for a two day and three day staff school is two and maximum is eight.

Is there a minimum age required to attend a school?

Yes, the minimum age to attend any school at our facility in Las Vegas is sixteen (16) years of age. No exceptions are made; however, younger students may schedule private hourly lessons with one of our staff instructors. Or go to school packages to learn about junior camps. Discounted rates are available for junior students. Also please note that Nevada state law mandates that minors under the age of 21 must be accompanied at the hotel by a parent or guardian over the age of 21.

Is the class structured any differently between a three-day school with Butch and a three-day school with the staff professionals?

The curriculum between the three day school with Butch and the three day school with the staff is almost identical; the only difference being that Butch is present at one and not at the other.

Do you offer one-day schools with Butch Harmon?

On occasion the schedule will reflect a one day school, but generally the schedule consists of 2 and 3 day schools. Certain corporate options are available for days with Butch Harmon. If you have a confirmed group of 6 or more up to 10 and desire a one day school please contact our office at 702-777-2444.

What aspects of the game are covered during a one-day, two-day, or a three-day school?

One-day school: short game (putting, chipping, pitching, sand shots, etc.) is the focus but we do touch on full swing. Two & Three-day school: everything from a one-day course plus short & long bunker, short & long iron shots, driver & fairway metals and course management.

If my corporation buys an entire school, can we modify the school itinerary?

If your corporation purchases an entire school and wish to make modifications to the school itinerary, please contact the golf school office and we will do whatever we can to accommodate your request.

Is it possible to stay extra days at the provided hotel or reserve additional rooms? What is the cost to do this?

If you would like to stay extra days at the provided hotel, please let the golf school know when you are making a reservation. We can generally reserve additional days at a discount for individuals attending a golf school. If you are interested in reserving additional rooms, you must contact the hotel directly.

What are the temperatures in Las Vegas during the months you offer schools?

Here are the average monthly high/low temps for Las Vegas (in °F):

Jan (58/34)

Feb (63/39)

Mar (69/44)

Apr (78/51)

May (88/60)

June (100/69)

July (106/74)

Aug (103/74)

Sept (95/66)

Oct (82/54)

Nov (67/43)

Dec (58/34)

Can my corporation or myself buy all of the spots in a school?

Yes, if you would like to discuss purchasing an entire school, please contact our office for availability.

I reserved a spot in a school and now need to cancel. What do I do?

Please call the golf school if you need to make any modifications to your existing reservation. Please see our cancellation policy listed on our website.

Do you offer commissions to travel agents for booking reservations?

No, we do not offer commissions for travel agents or any other individuals reserving spots.

Why do some schools not have a waiting list?

Schools that are purchased by corporations do not offer waiting lists. When a corporation buys a school, all spots are bought and it is the responsibility of the corporation to fill those spots.

Do you ship any of your merchandise to locations outside of the USA? What about FedEx or USPS - do you ship via those carriers?

No, unfortunately at this time, we only ship our products via UPS to the USA (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). If you would like to order a product and have it shipped via FedEx, please call our school at 702-777-2444.



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